An Open letter concerning the viral sextape video. – Definitely Kingsley (Must Read)

We all remember the sextape people tagged as chidinma’s sextape. After Chidinma threatened to sue the blogger who originated the video. He comes out to defend himself. Read his open letter here…“I feel sad that most nigerians cannot interprete a question when they see one. Last week during our weekly blog edition of Freak on Friday i released a video asking could this be a popular Nigerian female singer? Now tell me? Is there only one popular female singer in Nigeria? did i Oga Kingsley mention any names or call out anybody saying they were the ones in the video? please call me out if i did.

I truly felt bad seeing how some bloggers in a bid to ganner more popularity twisted the story and went on a naming spree all in the vane to gain traffic. This is not right and sincerely as a human I feel pained because someone might be hurting in the midst of it all. It suprised me beyond doubt how people could be so myopic as to come on my twitter handle to call me out, and even on my Facebook page saying i released the sextape of… and so… It is truly peeving in a way. My only joy however is that i made it clear as noon whilst making the post last week friday, that whatever anyone speculates in relation to the video is their buisness and so i’m not to answer for it. In addition, the disclaimer concerning comments on my blog resounds this belief. I am not a bad person, its not my style and i respect people.

Therefore any website, media organisation, blogger, persons or individuals that went ahead to call out any persons name in relation to being a participant in the video that was released is responsible for what they write or say. I have been quiet about the matter since it went viral, but considered it pertinent to make a stand on the issue after being reached by several media establishments, asking for my own side of the story, which necessitated my speaking out since it is well known that silence is the acceptance of guilt. I use this medium to apologise to anyone who found the story or video offensive, and also to state it clearly that any aggrieved party who feels Oga Kingsley was the one that dragged their name in mud should sue, for a clean heart fears nothing.

Thank you all for taking your time to read through
this piece. Good night.
Oga Kingsley

Posted by Akindoyin ‘DEAN’ Damilola.


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