Mobs in Ondo State set Vehicle with Driver in it ablaze (See Reason)

An angry mob in Omi town, Ondo State set a driver and his bus ablaze on New Year’s Eve after a fatal accident involving the bus and a motorbike along the Irele-Omi Road.The motorbike rider and two of his passengers died in the accident which also injured several other passengers.

Some eyewitnesses and survivors said the motorbike rider attempted to pass a vehicle, but found the passageway too narrow, leading to a crash that killed him and two others on the spot. One witness said the rider was pinned to the spot while his two passengers were thrown into a nearby bush.

Angered by the accident, a mob of irate residents of Omi town, home of the victims, set upon the bus driver and beat him to death before setting him ablaze inside his bus.

A correspondent of SaharaReporters who visited
the site said policemen from Irele came to the scene and quietly left without helping the victims or rescuing the driver of the vehicles who was later killed by the mob. The Ondo state government doesn’t have hospital facilities or ambulances close enough to the scene for any rescue efforts.

A commercial bus driver told SaharaReporters that the gruesome incident added to numerous such accidents in the past. “The mob always comes out and carries out their deadly activities and the police are never anywhere in sight,” said the driver.

Source: Sahara Reporters

Posted by Akindoyin ‘DEAN’ Damilola.


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