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The Helper

30 Day Guide for New Believers by John Beckett

How am I supposed to live the Christian life?

Some have the misunderstanding that once we become believers we can continue to live life on our own. I sometimes fall into that trap, thinking my abilities are sufficient. Consider your personal talents. You may possess great verbal, analytical or athletic skills. But be careful, for those very strengths can be barriers to God’s best.

God’s intention is not that we be self-sufficient, but that we live humbly submitted to Him in a close, dependent relationship. By now, it should not surprise you that He didn’t give you an impossible assignment. Rather, He made the surrendered life possible by sending us His ongoing presence in the Person of the Holy Spirit. The term “Holy Spirit” comes from the Greek word pneuma, which means “breath” or “wind.” As we receive the Holy Spirit the Father sends to us, we apprehend truth, sense evil and are guided to do what is right.

You will find Jesus’ description of the Holy Spirit in John chapter 14: verses 16, 17 and 26. There you will meet Him as lifelong counselor, helper, companion, teacher and friend.

Don’t expect the Holy Spirit to come with great fanfare or dazzling brilliance. He works quietly, never intruding. He always points to Jesus, never to Himself. When we are sensitive to His presence He whispers in our ear and tugs at our heart. He is committed to abide with us forever.

Key Verse

“If I depart [to heaven] I will send Him to you”

Jesus’ promise in John 16:7

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